Board message

Investment banks, according to mission statements, try to play a more serious role in financing through, various tools of capital market, increasing indirect investment options and defining a new role in supporting and leading startups. Considering country’s strategic plans and based on investment banking roles defined in upstream-documents, it seems inevitable to strengthen the position of these companies in the country's economy.

In recent years, Mellat IB has been making significant strides in providing investment banking services including financing, asset management, evaluation, financial advisory and valuation of projects, Mellat IB as a leading investment bank in capital market has a key role to play in finance and effective allocation of resources.

Mellat IB board’s policy has always been keeping this vivid role besides leading the company in the pursuit of higher goals and improved service along with enhancing customer satisfaction, implying new ideas to grow innovating in increasing the financial system's share of the capital market and expanding competition capabilities in self-sufficiency.

Board members

Abutaleb Dibaei

Chairman of the Board

Seyed Naghi Shamsi

Board member

Masoud Gholamzadeh

Board member

Afshar Serkanian

CEO and board member