Company’s brand identity

Nowadays, branding is more important than ever before, brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one's good or service as distinct from others, any brand makes a perception which is the sum of feelings a consumer has about the brand, a special result of a consumer’s experiences.  

In case of modern business world’s requirement to integrated brand items specifically visuals, Mellat IB provides audience access to some of used elements for its visual brand identity.


A sign of ascending in direct path and economic trend

Multiple service sets

A sign of progress and a clear path to the goal


A sign of progress and a clear path to the goal


A sign of wealth and economic power

Number five

Sign of communication, mobility, versatility, openness, Five-pointed star Mellat IB visual brand identity was designed based on relation between these contents.

Also, what should be considered important in the brand identity and integrity of an organization is alignment of operational goals and orientations of sister companies meanwhile formulating and presenting these goals and orientations in the visual identity of each of associated elements of organization. Hence, all the required files and documentations regarding Mutual Funds managed by Mellat BI (as part of their visual identity document) have been provided to the audience.