Alternative investment

Alternative investment refers to investments taking place out of conventional method such as stocks, bonds, cash or capital. In recent decades, alternative investment methods have grown rapidly and going to be a part of the global economy. These investments are usually attractive to whom looking for higher return on their investments. Institutional investors and people with high value assets are the largest investors in this asset class. Obviously, despite the high profitability, alternative investments are high in risk

Venture capital

Venture capital is a process whereby funds raised by investors, along with consulting advisory from experienced managers or individuals, are provided to startups with the potential for growth. Venture capitals not only provide the required funds but also own some shares of the startup and participate in most of these companies' operations to cover their investment risk and earn more profits. VCs often take a long-term approach and offer startups their experiences and expertise in order to achieve significant financial returns in the future.. 
VC funds are institutions raising funds through limited partners and, invest resources in startups with high return. The funds have a high investment capacity and sufficient funding to conduct studies and invest in reviewed and approved areas. 

Commodity investment

Commodity investment refers to investing in all kinds of commodities. Unfortunately investing in this area, despite its many attractions and functions, has been neglected in Iran. The lack of proper tools, effective awareness campaigns and trust building activities may be the main reasons. Mellat IB has been working to launch specialized commodity investment tools that, in addition to satisfying profitability preferences, have the proper demand of capital market players and can gain trust both from market players and customers. Gold and precious metals were initially considered as a viable option for instrumentation and appropriate action was taken. Other areas, including currency and other commodities, are the next entry options if the conditions are met.

Alternative investment advisory

Considering the fascinating areas of activity and the pristine fields of alternative investment, there is plenty of opportunity to get to know and work in this area; Proficient experts at Mellat IB utilize their knowledge and experience with the utmost care, to provide the most efficient financial services and meet customer needs.
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