Mellat investment bank (Publicly held company) was established in 2011 under the license of Security and Exchange Organization (SEO) with initial nominal capital of 1,000 billion IRI (paid-up) which later had been raised to 16,000 billion IRI.  

Mellat IB provides various types of financial services such as brokerage, trading, market making, asset management, consulting services, underwriting, firm commitment and all other permitted financial services in form of bellows:

  • Issuing securities.
  • Designing, developing and managing various types of investment funds.
  • Discretionary portfolio management and professional asset management to achieve maximum return on investments.
  • Providing guidance and required services to listing of qualified companies on the stock exchange or OTC market.
  • Providing guidance and required services on capital raising through underwriting.
  • Founding financial, monetary and insurance companies in terms of providing required services for IPOs.
  • Designing new financial services in terms of deepening financial markets.
  • Providing risk mitigation instruments in volatile business environment.

Mellat Investment Bank, has always been one of the active corporations in the country's financial system, relying on brilliant background in investment banking projects, various financial services, asset management, alternative investments and client satisfaction as well as benefiting from skilled and proficient human resource, MIB has strived meaningfully, besides all other economic and industrial actors, to create a better and brighter future both for financial system and capital market of the country.