Financial services

Success hinges as much upon doing things right, as it does upon avoiding mistakes. Making good decisions and avoiding bad ones matters in financing very much, a good consultant can guide clients through all decisions and complexities related to financing. Considering various requirements in financial markets, Mellat IB is honored to serve many different services in finance era.


Value and valuation are concepts tied to all financial activities, financing, investment, asset management, corporate finance, financial restructuring and other financial activities somehow require valuation through their operating process.
The proper valuation of assets plays a major role in the optimal allocation of capital. Valuation pursues a wide range of goals and applications that can be addressed in the various areas of stock offering, portfolio management, mergers and acquisitions, and so on.


Optimizing existing investments besides identifying new profitable opportunities requires available and reliable data. The data that is the outcome of analyzing the impact of various economic variables at micro and macro level on capital market in general as well as companies and their profitability.

Project assessment

Project assessment is made up of technical/ financial teams with proficient experience in various industries in order to advance national mega projects, meet the requirements for accurate project assessment and optimal resource allocation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate mergers and acquisitions are a strategic decision; therefore, they are classified at the company level and are the subject of firm financial management as well as investment management.

Research and development

Research and development is usually the forefront of organizations’ innovation activities. R&D usually plays a role in all stages of the service life curve, Therefore, R&D activities are seen as supporting actions in a company's value chain and helping it achieve its profitability, value creation and stakeholder goals.  
The greater the intensity of competition in the industry and the faster the changes in technologies and the needs and preferences of customers, the greater the need for research and development activities, especially in introducing new services or improving previous services tailored to customer preferences.

Financial services advisory

Financial services experts at Mellat IB utilize their knowledge and experience with the utmost care, trying their best to provide the most efficient financial services and meet customer needs.
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