Asset Management

Asset management is the process of buying and selling securities on behalf of investors in form of portfolio trading. Through the process, financial experts create a portfolio considering investor’s preferences including goals, restrictions, time line and budget

Investment funds

One of the services offered by Mellat investment bank is the formation and management of various types of investment funds including equity funds, fixed income funds and gold and foreign exchange funds. Mellat IB may take various roles among investment fund manager, compliances, warrantors, establishment consultant and founder of fund considering the situation.

Market making

There are a variety of ways for financing and one of important ones is capital market and through issuing fixed income securities. On the other hand choosing the best investment opportunity requires considering many features, one influential feature is liquidity. Trading mechanism is a tool to increase liquidity of securities traded on stock exchanges and market makers are drivers of this tool, increase the liquidity of their underlying securities and reduce price volatility.

Asset management advisory

Mellat IB asset management department with proficient and experienced staff do their best to achieve expected return of customers while managing their resources and maximize their wealth. They are responsive to all your queries and questions in the whole era of asset management. Keep in touch with this unit through the form on the front.