24% growth of "Mellatib" income in 2020-2021
Date: 04/04/2021
24% growth of "Mellatib" income in 2020-2021
Mellat investment bank managed to identify more than 575 billion and 600 million Tomans of revenue in 2021, which shows a 24% growth compared to the previous year.
According to the public relations of MIB, the review of the company's performance in March 2021 indicates that MIB in the total fiscal year ending March 2021 has succeeded in earning 575 billion and 672 million Tomans, which in Compared to the previous year, shows 24% of growth. It should be noted that MIB income in the fiscal year 1398 was more than 464 billion and 393 million Tomans.

A detailed review of MIB's revenue last year shows that most of the company's revenue was made by marketing services and securities profits. So that more than 413 billion Tomans of the company's revenue in 2020-2021, which is more than 71% of the total revenue of "Mellatib" is allocated to this heading. Also, about 122 billion Tomans have been related to the income from investment funds.

On the other hand, MIB has identified 33 billion Tomans of revenue from the provision of underwriting and its commitment to buy shares last year. Revenue from financial consulting services last year amounted to 6.8 billion Tomans. Mellat Bank Brokerage Company, of which 51% of the shares are held by MIB Company. It is reminded that the income from investments of Mellat Bank Brokerage Company will be recognized after the distribution of annual profits in the Brokerage annual general meeting. The net profit of Mellat Bank Brokerage Company brought in the report for 9 months ending January 2021 was about 46 billion Tomans.