10 years of impact
Date: 04/04/2021
10 years of impact
In 2021 the MELLAT Investment Bank celebrates 10 years of improving Financing in the country. The MIB is the lending arm of all the States in Iran and the biggest multilateral lender. Since opening its doors in September 2010 it has financed and invested in hundreds of companies and projects, from start-ups to massive programs such as the Oil and Steel companies.
Mellat Investment Bank, as one of the most active institutions in the country's financial system, received its license from the Supreme Council of Stock Exchanges and Securities on September 2010 and it was registered as the third institution in the investment banking industry under No. 395071 in the Registry Office of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions of Tehran with a capital of 1,000 Billion IRI, on December 28, 2010. The company started its activities on February 7, 2011, under the license of the Security and Exchange Organization (SEO). Relying on its brilliant background in debt and capital financing, financial and consulting services, asset management, marketing, and alternative investments. MIB differentiates itself in providing services and customer and shareholder satisfaction, as well as benefiting from capable and specialized human resources. This corporate strives to create a better and brighter future along with all economic and industrial actors in Iran and hopes to achieve this matter for the financing system and the Iranian capital market.
Mellat Investment Bank was listed in the market of Tehran Stock Exchange with the symbol of TMLT on 2020/02/03 and is currently one of the subsidiary units of Mellat Financial Group and the parent business unit of the group is Mellat Bank.

According to the minutes of the Board of Directors dated 2020/12/14 and the Extraordinary General Assembly dated 2020/10/18 and the license of the SEO, the capital of the company has increased from 7,000 billion Rials to 11,000 billion Rials from the brought in cash, and on 2020/12/30 was registered in the Registry Office of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions of Tehran. This capital was increased from cash and deprivation of stock rights from current shareholders to strengthen the company's financial strength to improve the ratios set out in the capital adequacy guidelines of financial institutions to increase the company's capacity to accept underwriting commitments and securities trading, and to develop finance activities and market share promotion in the financial industry.