Increasing the Ceiling of the Owj Mellat Investment Fund to 100 Billion Rials
Date: 30/10/2021
Increasing the Ceiling of the Owj Mellat Investment Fund to 100 Billion Rials
The ceiling of the Owj Mellat Investment Fund was increased from 80 to 100 billion Rials, following the issuance of a permit for increasing ceiling of investment funds by the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO).

The Owj Mellat Fixed Income Investment Fund received a permit to increase its ceiling from SEO, PR department of Mellat Investment Bank (MIB) reports. Accordingly, the number of investment units of this fund was increased from 80 million to 100 million units. 
The Owj Mellat Fixed Income Investment Fund, under MIB, was listed by SEO in July 2012 and it has rewarded its investors about 200% return as of Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Its average return of the last three years also indicates a profit of about 24%. Moreover, Awj Mellat succeeded in gaining a return of 18% in the first 7 working days of Shahrivar (August 23 to August 29). Another brilliant record of this fund is an average return of 20% in the spring of 1400 (2021) and 19.8% in the first 5 months of this year (March 21 to August 22). The assets of this fund mainly include fixed income securities, which are managed by the investment manager of the fund with Mellat Bank guaranteeing the liquidity of the fund units.
It should be stressed that, unlike many other funds, Awj Mellat has had a quite stable and smooth return in recent times, due to the good faith of its esteemed investors with fixed investment returns regardless of the time of entry and exit. Hence, the decision of the management to increase the ceiling of the fund, which was finalized with the permission of the SEO. Undoubtedly, this increase in the investment ceiling will benefit all current and new investors, given the current rates of bank deposits and fixed income securities. This indicates that the fund will be able to maintain its current dividend distribution and even increase it at some points. 
Esteemed investors can purchase units at